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-- leave egypt all together. now just developing, a similar incident across the border in libya where militants apparently stormed a u.s. consulate. the fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt has the details. was there official reaction to this yet? >> u.s. embassy officials in cairo tonight seem to be trying to defuse a protest that is actually growing by the hour. we understand the thousands of protesters are now outside the u.s. embassy in cairo where officials released a statement which seemed to accept that this protest is the result of this reportedly anti-muslim movie that is being proposalled by the internet by some anti-muslim campaigners. in the statement, those officials said in part, quote, respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of american democracy. we firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others. among those who have reportedly promoted this movie, florida christian church leader terry jones. you'll remember him. he threatened to burn the koran in 2010. whatever the cause of these p
killed in libya tonight at the consulate, according to a libyan interior ministry official. this is a horrible result of a day of violence against america in the middle east. armed men stormed the american consulate in benghazi libya, tonight, setting it on fire after a protest against an american-produced movie they say insults the prophet, mohammed. this was just hours after egyptian protesters scaled the was of the american embassy in cairo, tearing down the american flag. the protesters there tried to raise a black flag, with the words "there is no god, but alla and mohammed is his messenger." we're in cairo with the latest on the situation. ian, obviously, we're sad to confirm that breaking news on an american who has been killed and the violence in libya. but the outburst you saw in cairo sounds like it got ugly quickly. what exactly happened? >> reporter: well, erin, i was on the ground, and i saw hundreds if not a couple thousand protesters in front of the u.s. embassy, chanting against america. a handful of protesters were able to reach the perimeter of the embassy
the ongoing violence. militias in liberty -- in libya have stormed ben ghazi, that country's second-largest city. reports say that they were protecting an american film that allegedly humiliates the prophet muhammed. protesters in egypt during the american flag outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. they, too, were protesting the fell. they say it abuses the right of free speech and hurts the religious beliefs of others. today in the united states and many places around the world, people stopped to mark the of the 11th anniversary of the september 11 attacks in which nearly 3000 were killed. the president led a moment of silence this morning and then traveled to the pentagon for a ceremony there. in new york, people gathered at the memorial's where twin towers once stood. more than a decade later, where does the greatest threat remained? i spoke with a senior fellow at the center for american progress. before i get to where we are 11 years on, here we are at the council of in ben ghazi in libya, a country that americans helped to liberate from colonel gaddafi, being stormed. it is an in
our consulate in eastern libya stormed by armed men who set the building ablaze. the building was evacuated before their attack. the men reportedly angered by a film being produced by u.s.-based coptic christian egyptians. that questions the words of mohammed. president obama before those events in egypt and libya, had made a point of saying that the islamic religion is not america's enemy. >> today, the war in iraq is over. in afghanistan we're training afghan security forces and forging a partnership with the afghan people. by the end of 2014, the longest war in history would be over. i always said our fight is with al qaeda and its affiliates, not with islam or any other religion. lou: the u.s. embassy in cairo apologized to anyone in the region offended by that movie and criticized anyone who would hurt the feelings of muslims. meanwhile the president rejected a request to meet with israel's prime minister at the united nations general assembly later this month. the white house cited scheduling conflicts. the president's schedule to be on the campaign trail when benjamin n
on the ground are waiting for intervention, as some see intervention along the lines of libya i don't think that is a solution in syria. i think you make the situation worse. and many countries are not prepared to go in and do that. >> rose: the u.s. economy, syria, and the life of the secretary-general when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the knoll following:. >> from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. all eyes will be on the federal reserve this thursday when it is expected to announce further monetary policy to boost the united states economy. after last friday's disappointing labor report there is a growing call for a robust response from the central bank which is the fed, financial markets have rallied with the expectation of a third round of bond buying known as cuan tative easing. but that option is controversial with the election two months away. joining me from washington david leonhardt, washington bureau chief of the "new york times". in 2011 he won a pulitzer prize rhis columns on the u.s. economy. i'm pleased to have him back on this pr
though libya was the trium of limited -- triumph of limited uses of force, there hasn't been a repeat performance since. and if drones were the easy way to decide wars in our favor, we would have seen progress, presumably, in syria, yemen or mali by now, and yet that hasn't r hasn't happened. so as much as they are an important tool, as peter said, as much as they cause all these controversies -- rightly so, as peter said -- they are not always going to be a silver bullet. >> can i just add one point to that? also the drones we have today, the uavs we have today are primarily only useful in a permissive air environment where we've already either taken out the air defenses as we did in libya or where we already own the air space like in iraq and afghanistan. that's what makes these systems able to operate. they cannot operate, many of them that we have right now, the vast majority of them cannot operate in a denied environment where you've got surface to air fissiles that could target them and shoot them down. they're relatively defenseless. so i think if we're going to maintain this a
of the protests. meanwhile, diane, the american consulate in benghazi, libya was also attacked tonight. that incident believed to have also been sparked by that same controversial film. as for cairo, the protests have now quieted. the american embassy tells us all staff are safe and accounted for. diane? >> all right, thank you, alex marquardt reporting from the middle east tonight. >>> now back here at home, a surprising twist in the presidential race. governor romney facing criticism tonight not from the president or the democrats, but from some prominent members of his own party and our new abc n news/"washington post" poll shows it. take a look. a 6% lead. before the conventions romney had a slight lead. the election now 56 days away, "your voice, your vote," and abc's david muir reports from las vegas tonight. >> reporter: mitt romney in nevada, on the anniversary of 9/11 in front of the national guard. >> we must keep our promises and regain the trust of all who have worn the uniform and served our country. >> reporter: his words come after criticism romney left afghanistan out o
. for the u.s. to essentially issue vailed apoll is disgraceful. >> bret: juan, the u.s. consulate in libya was attacked there this afternoon as well. >> correct. again, what strikes me here is a big difference. listening to charles "go to hell." you know, ambassador krauthammer, boy, you know, we would stir the wars and the anger in the islamic community for what? it's simple say hey, listen, we understand this may have been offensive to some muslims. that is not by any way backing down or an act of somehow cowardess on part of the government. >> we apologize for every statement that we made? >> we shouldn't apologize but clearly when you are involved, if we saw muslims attacking christians, we would say something is wrong. we have said something is wrong. we are saying there is no intent to be offensive and thans is not official u.s. government issue. this didn't come from government. >> bret: jonah? >> i think statement is fine if it came out on september 10 and condemn nation of this vid -- condemnation of this video. let it be known this is what happened, we don't approve of this. if i
in the u.s. similar attack happened at the u.s. consulate in libya today. it's the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we have a live report on ground zero of the remembrance there as well as the pentagon and thanksville, pennsylvania. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five" in new york. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to five five. mort zuckerman is one of the wealthiest americans and editor in chief of "u.s. news and world report." if 2008 he was unapologetic supporter of then senator obama. in the president's first term, mr. zuckerman has done a sharp aboutface, going so far to admit it was a mistake to vote for him in the first place. his criticism is intensifying. we get to op-ed he wrote in a moment. but first here he is on hannity last night. >> they know what is going on and they know the job market is worse than what you read in the headline of 8.1%, which is misleading number unfortunately. the real problems are greater than that. one thing that is interesting is the quit rate. what that is, is people willing to quit their job beca
official libya that there is an ongoing attack right now at th u. consuten the eastern libyanity once contlled by rebels in last year's revolution. let's talk about wh's ging on. national secur contributor fran townsend was the homeland security advisor to president bush. both the cia and homeland security external advisory boards. first of all, on th aackn the u.s. embsyin cairo, fran, what do you make of this? it'stt extraordin if you ask me. >> wolf, it is extraordinary. not oyth let's not forget the day on which americans mourn f event of the eleven years ago. we shouldn't -- the warnin in the daysading up to this protest. and the egyptian on notice. so i expect there will be some pretty tough conrsations beeen the u.s. state department, the american government and officials in egypt. there rals no excuse having been fairly warned about the protest not to have additional ty forces out there to protect ourembassy. >> this is a country, that reives$1.5illion a year i military and economic assice vaou forms of economic assistance. there was concerns in recent months the muslim brothe
of places, whether you want to talk about syria or libya or all the places that the president has had to stand up, make decisions and stand behind those decisions and come out beautifully on most of them, i -- i think that romney is afraid that he can't do it. that's why he doesn't say anything about it. there's no other explanation except that he's afraid. he knows he ought to be talking about it. >> now, richard, romney's team, 17 of his 24 advisers served under the bush administration. and the reason that becomes relevant today is kurt eichenwald in the new york times came out with intelligence briefings in 2001. may 1st president bush was informed. june 22nd, attack could be imminent. june 29th, dramatic consequences from attack. july 1st, attack will occur soon. august 6th, bin laden determined to strike in u.s. these are way before september 11th in that year. so, there was a lot more warning to bush and his team than what we previously thought these m.o.s in the report -- the memos and reports are correct, yet some of the people from that team we don't know if these are the one
, the fact that we got rid of gadhafi in libya. when you put all of that together, i think the bottom line conclusion is that america is safer as a result of those actions. >> so this is your office. we continued the conversation as secretary panetta gave me a tour of his office where we talked about iran. >> and how will we know when they make that decision to build a nuclear weapon? >> we have pretty good intelligence on them. we know generally what they're up to. we keep a close track on them. >> do we believe that this megabomb we have, this massive ordinance penetrator could reach through that facility where they're developing some of these se that are going on? >> we think we've got the ability to be able to strike effectively if we have to. >> today? tomorrow? >> whenever we have to, we have the forces in place to be able to not only defend ourselves, but to do what we have to do to try to stop them from developing a nuclear weapon. >> and you have said you believe that there's still a window of opportunity to take about a year for them to reach the capability and then another year
have seen the resurgence, frankly, of al qaeda, both in the east of libya, and in the mali, mauritania area, and then we come to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, including recently. there was a large al qaeda cell broken up into saudi arabia, and it was originally this al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which was in yemen was originally in saudi, saudi efforts pushed them out of the kingdom but we've seen even there they've continued to try to go back into the kingdom as well as yemen to launch and plan attacks. >> fran townsend, thanks so much for joining us. we'll be back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. but between check-ups tartar builds. keep it clean with new listerine® ultraclean™. it's the
that in the future but even though libya was the tryout and has not been a repeat performance and they could decide the wars in their favor we would seek progress by now that would have been ushered dan but that has not happened. as much as they are the important tool, rightly so it is not always a silver bullet. >> what we have today is only useful in the bill with no air defense where we already own the aerospace. they cannot operate in the denied environment with surface-to-air missiles to shoot them down. if we maintain this advantage 1/2 to increasingly shift technology and communication link has to be protected. >> that is an example of a big topic of defense for the next four or eight years to have these debates how far to go now much to invest and then questions of the law and what happens? you will not hear them talk about but arguably everyone applies to cyber how much can a president utilize? in terms of the executive branch. which agency is involved? that is what the commander in chief will deal with the we and not talking about because we have straight budget issues. >> thank you for t
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)